5 months to go…….

We only have 5 months till we leave and begin our journey in Malawi!  While this is so exciting to think about, it is also sometimes terrifying after we think of everything that we need to do before then.  However, it is reassuring to know that God is here and will help us along the way.  He has brought people into our lives to help us on our journey and He will continue to provide.
We also have an exciting update that we have been praying about for months now.  Our home church in Clear Lake, Texas, Clear Lake Church of Christ,  will be our primary sponsoring church.  They will be supporting us before we go to Malawi, and then will be sponsoring and partnering with us as we move to and serve in Malawi.  We are so grateful and excited that they will be able to share this journey with us and provide support along the way.

We will provide an update on our financial support in the next week or two, but we are still in need of  financial support in order to go and also live in Malawi.  We will not be able to go without your commitment and support.    We would appreciate anything that you could give either one-time or monthly to help support us.  We look forward to partnering with you as we begin this journey together.

We have also been praying a lot over the past month for Dr. Kent Brantly and his family.  He is a fellow Wildcat Alumni (Abilene Christian University) and more importantly our brother in Christ.  We are glad that he is improving now and hopefully will be released from the hospital soon. We look up to him with admiration and hope to one day be able to live and serve with the same integrity and selflessness.  We are excited to see how God will continue to use him in His Kingdom.

Again, continue to share with friends, family and neighbors and we will continue to keep you updated as we prepare over the next several months to move to Malawi.

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