Our new jobs in a nutshell…

What we do now… Christian physicians. Jenny is trained in family medicine and Jared is a pediatrician. 

Where we will be serving… Malawi, Africa.  Our clinic is apart of a larger project near the city of Msundwe- 30 minutes west of the capital city- Lilongwe (pop. ~875,000 people).  Malawi is a very resource limited nation with no natural resources. Only two doctors for every 100,000 people.   

Who we will working for…Child Legacy International.  CLI is a Christian non-profit organization working in Africa to “transform lives through the undeniable love of Jesus by providing opportunities that break the generational cycle of poverty and despair and to support each person’s pursuit of their God-given destiny.”  Focus on honoring and loving God, cultivating integrity and stewardship through sustainable program development: clean water/well repair programs, healthcare, education and vocational training, renewable energy. 

What we will be doing…doctoring in the McGuire Wellness Center (the project clinic).  We will work under the guidance of two other providers, Elly Chemey and Joseph Chilewani, who live in houses on the project with each of their families.  We are staff physicians in the McGuire Wellness Center and will be involved in outpatient care (seeing patients daily in clinic).  Jenny will also be focusing on obstetrics while Jared focuses on child health. Clinic opened in July 2012 and has cared for more than 64,000 people from the surrounding villages.

What is our goal… spread the love of Jesus Christ. We do this by taking care of the “whole person” just as Christ did throughout his ministry.  We want to empower our community to improve health standards and to build relationships with our patients and community leaders to improve both physical and spiritual health.

How long we will be there…at least 2 years.  We have committed to two years, but if it’s in God’s plan then we would like to be there for much longer, possibly 5-10+ years.

What will we do outside of our medical practice… build a life in Malawi.  We have every intention to set down roots and grow a family while in Malawi.  We will become a part of a local church and connect with other Malawi based missionaries: Dr. Bruce Smith in Lilongwe and Ben & Becca Hayes in Blantyre. 

How we will stay connected…furlough, mission trips and the Internet.  Quarterly video updates of the work we are doing, short-term mission teams can travel over, online blog and Facebook page.




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